Granite City Neighborhoods

Shown below are the neighborhoods within Granite City.

Arlington Heights

Outside of Granite proper in a little neck of the woods near Arlington Greens Golf Course. The neighborhood is literally right between Granite City and Collinsville. As a matter of fact, Collinsville Park District owns and operates the course.

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Bellemore Village

Mainly brick ranch homes. All within walking distance of the High School.

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Donnalynne Legacy

Donnalynne Legacy offers custom built homes and lots for sale, or choose from a variety of spec homes that are available.

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Dream Villa
$115,000 - $190,000

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Emerald Meadows
$175,000 - $300,000

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Ferdinand Place
$50,000 - $200,000

In the heart of Granitie you'll find this neighborhood easy to navigate. Just remember your ABC's. Adam, Benton, Center, Delmar, Edison and Grand!

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Graceland Estates

To the tune of Paul Simons, Going to Graceland, Graceland, Graceland. Note there is a Graceland in Granite City and in Belleville, so select the other city below if you are in the wrong city. The search may show both subdivisions.

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Holiday Gardens
$100,000 - $150,000

Quiet streets off the beaten path, but still close to everything.

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Hunters Point
$115,000 - $170,000

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Inglesyde Addition
$50,000 - $150,000

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Maryland Place
$99,000 - $200,000

You'll find this quiet neighborhood with big shady trees between Wabash and Maryville Road.

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Original Plat Homes
$25,000 - $100,000

This neighborhood was the original Granite City plat.

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Partney Estates
$175,000 - $250,000

A well established neighborhood with only a couple streets. Just off Pontoon Road.

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Quiet Valley

If the street names are flowers, you are probably in Quiet Valley.

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The Legacy Golf Course
$140,000 - $270,000

Enjoy life within the golf course. The Legacy homes are literally surrounded by The Legacy Golf Course which is managed by the Granite City Park District.

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Timberlake Manor

Those familiar with the area might remember the two large log cabins that lauched this neighborhood. Today, you'll find a busy neighborhood with hundreds of homes.

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Wilshire Manor
$95,000 - $250,000

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Surrounding City Neighborhoods

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