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Established: 1995

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Visit our Website


Experienced Web Design Studio

If you're ready for your Website to make sales and not just impressions, we invite you to look closer at Wildfire Internet. Since 1995, we've sought ways to bring simplicity to business operations and profitability to customer relationships.

We ask first, what do you want to do? Because the best measure of software performance is your return: how well our applications accomplish what you desire, making you money and saving you time.

Hundreds of Websites and Applications

In 1995 we founded Wildfire Internet because we believed in the power of the Internet to simplify computing for ordinary people and businesses. We saw how we could give users better and faster access to information and automate a lot of the drudgery in everyday business.

We were fortunate enough to survive the technology boom-bust. We think it's because we've always measured software performance by how well the application helps you to make money or save time.

We have also tried to follow a sustained development concept. This means that unlike more conventional "build-it-and-move-on" suppliers, we've sought to provide hosted solutions that earn residual income from efficient, low cost transactions. This sustained development approach keeps upfront costs much lower for our clients, and it secures their trust in Wildfire as a long-term partner with a vested interest in their success.

Do more than build a website

What do you do after your website is developed? Wildfire offers several answers to that question. Once we develop your site, we can also link it into the Wildfire City Pages. The City Pages consist of our pure cit Geo Domains like collinsville.com, edwardsville.com, glencarbon.com, granitecity.com, pontoonbeach.com and st.louis.com We can also link you into the rest of our network including other sites like alton.net and ofallon.net.

We thank you for your interest in our company,

The Wildfire Staff

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This is our original "Flying W" (1998)

This is our 2nd logo (1998) - You do not want to see our first!

This is our current logo. Most of our sites have the fire over the I.

Sample of a City Page Logo - Edwardsville.com

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